St. Michael the Archangel Russian Orthodox Church
A Patriarchal Parish in the USA
335 Fairmount Avenue Philadelphia
Church Has Re-Opened as of June 14

As we prepare for the opening of Divine Liturgy in our church on Sunday, June 14th, the health, safety and well being of our parishioners and community continues to be our top priority.  
Divine Liturgy will be upstairs in the church at 10 AM, with Reading of the Hours prior. 
Restrictions are in place. We are following the Hierarchal directives as well as the CDC, state and local government guidelines.
Attendance: Please, let us know by sending an email to the church to inform us of your attendance. Please include your names(s) and contact information .  
Occupancy is limited. A rotation over weeks may be necessary, to accommodate all individuals who want to attend. We will confirm with you.
In case someone in our church tests positive for CoVid-19, we will be able to inform you immediately.  Those with health issues please use utmost caution; any concerns please contact your medical professional for guidance.
Streaming services by our dean, Fr. John Vass of Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church is available at this time. 
Veneration of Icons & Cross, please do not kiss icons, the priest's hand, nor the cross at the end of Divine Liturgy. The cross will replaced upon the heads of the parishioners. Bowing and making the sign of the cross is preferred.
General Confession will be prior to Holy Communion, at the time of the Prayers before Communion
Holy Communion, Individual spoon and paper tissue will be provided to wipe your mouth. A receptacle to place used tissues will also be provided so we can burn them afterwards. Please do not kiss the chalice." 
We respectfully ask you to follow the health and safety measures while in the building, 
  • Wear Masks. Please bring your own facial covering (masks, or cloth, scarf, etc. to cover your nose and mouth)
  • Social Distance (please keep 6ft separation throughout the building)
  • Hand washing & Hand Sanitizer is available
All social gatherings and activities are suspended until further notice. NO COFFEE HOUR, at this time.  Access to hall will be limited to restrooms only. We are taking preventative measures to help stop the spread of the virus, by disinfecting high contact surfaces, and minimize contact touch points such as leaving doors open. 
Thank you for your understanding and support during this challenging time.  We continue to monitor this unchartered, fluid situation and will update you with new recommendations as they become available. We are looking forward to the new normalcy, which is yet to be defined.

We are thinking of you and your family at this time. We ask everyone to join in their home to pray for the end of the epidemic and for all who have/will be impacted.
As we prioritize the health and safety of our parish family and community, following the guidelines of federal, state, county, city and local government authorities as well as Hierarchal directives; with limitations on travel and stay-at-home orders implemented by government authorities in the city of Philadelphia, and in neighboring counties and states, Saint Michael the Archangel will remain closed until at least June 4th.  We will continue to monitor the developing situation and will share updates. 
In anticipation, when a time may come, where serving within our church building itself may not be possible, Fr Luka made preparations to serve the Holy Services in a small chapel at his home, continuing prayers and service to God as per the parish schedule.  
  • Prayers in times of Devastating Pestilence 
  • Divine Liturgy (Sunday)
  • Pre Sanctified Liturgy (Wednesday)
  • Cannon of St. Andrew of Crete and Prayer in Times of Devastating Pestilence (Friday)

Prayer read during the Spread of Devastating Pestilence
O Lord our God, enter not into judgement with Thy servants, and compass us about with protection from the devastating pestilence stirred up against us. O kind-hearted Lord Who art inclined toward benevolence, have compassion on us, Thy humble and unworthy servants, who fall down before Thee with broken hearts and hope in Thy mercy. 
For Thine it is to show mercy and to save us, O our God, and unto Thee do we send up glory: to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and unto the ages of ages. Amen.
Here is a link for Molebin during time of devastating epidemic - moleben-epidemic-pestilence.pdf

Remember in your prayers, please, all of the essential workers and their families, in the healthcare and all critical industries.
  • Saints to Call upon for Physicians: St. Panteleimon;  The Holy Unmercenaries, Saints Cosmas & Damian 
  • Saints to Call upon for Hospital Workers:  The Holy Unmercenaries, Saints Cosmas & Damian; St. Dositheus, Disciple of Abba Dorotheus

Weekly bulletins will be shared, to keep us connected. The Gospel and Epistle readings for Sunday are included in it, as well as other helpful information.  Resources will be shared offering you ways to engage in daily readings, and commemorations of Saints; ways to support your spiritual well being as we navigate through this storm. Let us draw strength upon our faith, and our love for one another, to light our way brightly with hope through what seems a dark hour for humanity on this earth. 
Streaming of Holy Services:  Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church, parish of our Dean Fr. John Vass, 
Commemorations of Saints and Daily Readings 
Please do not hesitate to contact Fr Luka, if you are in need of any personal pastoral care, or have any questions or concerns. 

May God bless you and your family, keeping all in His loving care and protection, especially now, and always.
Word of Consolation for the Pandemic - Archimandrite Zacharias of Essex, England

Fr. Zacharias is a member of The Patriarchal and Stavropegic Monastery of St. John the Baptist, Tolleshunt Knights by Maldon, Essex, England.  We recently shared a letter via email that he sent to Abbot Sergius of St. Tikhon's Monastery in Pennsylvania.  Here is a link to listen: